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Design tool from LUNOS

You can simply download the free design tool from LUNOS here.

It supports the planner, installer and architect in all matters. From standard-compliant planning according to DIN 1946-6 and DIN 18017-3 to self-defined air exchange rates and complete designs according to different ventilation technology requirements. The LUNOS design tool can be used to calculate fan and component designs and line dimensioning, and much more. Quotations for wholesalers can also be created from the tool and all accessories for a correct installation are output with current prices and individual discounts.

Download the design tool now and get started straight away! Download

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Support in Germany

35 employees in 17 locations in Germany are ready to help you. They take care of your concerns and come to the construction site for you when you need our help. We also accompany acceptance tests on request. Take a look at our map to see who is responsible for you and get in touch with your contact person: LUNOS Germany

Support worldwide

Our partners are there for you on five continents in over 36 countries. Select on the map and see where LUNOS is located: LUNOS worldwide

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Support with complaints

It happens extremely rarely, but if it does happen: Our customer service will help you quickly and easily if you have a complaint.


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Knowledge about ventilation

The question of whether technology inspires or frustrates is usually decided by whether the user understands it. The more we understand how a technical device works "behind the scenes", the easier it is for us to actually use the advantages of this device.

In our knowledge portal you will find amazing things about ventilation. Here you will learn about the different aspects of effective ventilation according to modern standards. Exactly what makes the ventilation systems from LUNOS so special.

To the LUNOS knowledge portal

for all those who like to expand their knowledge via videos

Helpful videos

In our media library you will find many different videos: whether installation videos, filter change, explanation of the systems and products of LUNOS, or explanation of the current standards. There is something for everyone here. Take a look right now!

To the LUNOS media library

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Subsidies for ventilation units

LUNOS products are eligible for subsidies!

Our website www.lunos.de/funding will keep you up to date on where you can apply for subsidies.

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Virtual flat

With LUNOS you can now experience fresh air virtually. For this purpose, LUNOS has created a digital flat: LUNOS living!

In LUNOS living, you can dive directly into the world of LUNOS ventilation. Test the virtual living experience - whether with or without heat recovery, a well-known LUNOS favourite or an innovative newcomer, here you can get to know all available ventilation systems (almost) up close. Our 3D models give you revealing insights into their diverse components, without any fear of contact. From the available screens to the variety of controls, from the filters to the radio technology, you can explore every detail at your own pace - the ventilation systems have certainly brought plenty of time.

About LUNOS living