The new Silvento ec

No disturbing noises

LUNOS has a new generation of the Silvento model: the Silvento ec. This model requires less energy, since power input has been considerably reduced as a result of ec engineering. It is quieter than its predecessor, since it operates far more efficiently and can be operated with lower volume flows. The lowest ventilation level is about 15 m³/h.

New housing

LUNOS has fitted the model with new housing: the new Silvento ec has a stylish, classical and elegant appearance.

Two different modules

You can select between two different technical modules to control your Silvento ec:

Basic module: all stages of the Silvento ec can be selected and combined with time lag, interval switching and delay time.

Humidity module: savor the evolution of humidity control. In addition to the functions of the basic module, this component is also fitted with humidity and temperature sensors. There has never been a more sophisticated, individual humidity control.


The new Silvento ec is of course 100% compatible with all LUNOS parts. This ensures that all devices can, if required, be swiftly and easily replaced with new devices.