Installation examples

Under extreme conditions

Region Europe

Example: Zugspitze, Germany

Our fans can also be installed without any problems at high altitudes, such as in the Alps, where they can withstand the weather conditions. Mountain huts at altitudes of 2200 m have also installed LUNOS fans to ensure fresh air throughout the house.


Region Europe

Example: Portugal

A high salt content in the air is very good for us humans, but increases the risk of corrosion on fans. But the fans from LUNOS have also been successfully tested for this in action over the long term.


Region Europe

Example: Norway

Due to the northern location, Norway has an 9-10 months long winter and temperatures can go down to -25°C (-13°F). However, whit LUNOS fans whit a heat recovery system it´s no problem to ventilate a house whit fresh air.  


Region Africa

Example: South Africa

High temperatures of 40-45 °C, which are common in many countries and regions of Africa, are no problem for our fans. The summer mode on the e² brings cool air into the house at night.


Region South America

Example: Chile

In Chile are wind force up to 170km/h (105,6mph) nothing special. There for we have a wind pressure protection in our portfolio, that keeps the wind out of the house.


Region Asia

Example: Japan

During the summer, there can be a high air humidity up to 95% over a few month. But that’s no problem for our LUNOS fans.


Region Asia

Example: China

The fine dust pollution in the big city’s of china is very high. But with LUNOS fans and the F9-Filter it’s possible to get fresh air in houses.


Region North America

Example: California, USA

In result of many forest fires in California, the air is polluted whit fine dust. The requirements for filter are very high (MERV 13). We optimized our F7-Filter so that he is on a MERV16 level and has an approval in the USA.


Region North America

Example: Yukon, Canada

Temperatures in Canada can go as low as -35°C (-31°F) over a few month. But for over fans that’s no problem. The e²60 is certified and reach a minimum air supply temperature of 11,5°C (52,7°F).