Social commitment

LUNOS fulfills its social responsibility regionally, nationally and globally in various areas.



Green Forest Fund

The Green Forest Fund (GFF) is a non-profit organisation and a young, non-profit, registered association with the goal of making a sustainable contribution to climate and species protection.

The GFF creates new, ecologically sustainable mixed forests and protected areas and thus preserves existing areas with old tree stands, which are converted into the virgin forests of tomorrow. In this way, the natural livelihoods of people, animals and plants are protected and a contribution is made to nature conservation, biodiversity and CO2 absorption within the framework of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Hamburg, Germany

Sternenbrücke children's hospice

LUNOS supports the Sternenbrücke children's hospice. This hospice offers children, adolescents and young adults with illnesses individually tailored care and support services.


Save the children

LUNOS supports Save the children. An international organisation that campaigns for the rights and protection of children worldwide.


Project Aid Guatemala

In the highlands of Altaverapaz, in the village of San Cristobal, new houses were built for indigenous families in need. The aim was not only to build houses for the families, but also to provide a higher standard of living. The basic furnishing of the houses was taken care of (furniture, etc.), but also a neighbourhood was established. Since the families of an older project are located in the immediate vicinity, a community was formed that is also independent of the village through a well construction.


A Heart for Children

Internationally, "A Heart for Children" provides aid in war and disaster areas, for example, by rebuilding schools after an earthquake. Or equipping refugee camps. In addition, the children's aid organisation supports life-saving operations for foreign children for whom there is no adequate medical care in their home country or for whom there is no health insurance. With the help of a network of recognised, non-profit aid organisations, whose expertise enables them to handle projects in close coordination with "A Heart for Children" at home and abroad, help can be provided effectively and reliably.

Berlin, Germany

Berliner Tafel

LUNOS supports the Berliner Tafel in Spandau, Berlin with food.

Since 1993, the Berliner Tafel e.V. has been collecting food donations throughout Berlin and bringing the food to those who need it. The diversity in Berlin is great and the Berliner Tafel now supplies around 300 social institutions per month. Today, Berlin, indeed the whole of Germany, Switzerland and Austria, would be unimaginable without Tafel. For more public spirit in Germany.

Falkensee, Brandenburg


The Tollhaus day care centre in Falkensee, one of eight ASB Falkensee facilities, has been equipped with a complete ventilation system by LUNOS. 12 Nexxt, 3 LUNOMAT and 4 Silvento ventilate the rooms of the day care centre. Because fresh air always contributes to better concentration and health for everyone - something that has been close to LUNOS' heart for over 60 years.

Falkensee, Brandenburg


LUNOS supports the Immanuel Kant School in the form of student internships. Year 9 pupils who opt for a technical internship get a taste of all technical areas at LUNOS and are allowed to take responsibility for a small project themselves at the end. LUNOS has also donated several 3D printers to the school, which are used by the students for various projects.



Here, the LUNOS fans are used in the "HVAC training" area and in the masterclasses, where they are used for demonstration purposes.


Festival for the homeless

Frank Zander has been organising a Christmas party for homeless and needy people every year for 25 years. In recent years, around 3,000 poor people have been fed at the Estrel Berlin and also received donations in kind.

This year everything is different! Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Frank Zander is travelling out with the Caritas food truck under the motto "Christmas with Frank on Tour" and distributing food and donations in kind to local people in need. LUNOS supports this great project and hopes that it will bring joy to many people.