How to ventilate properly in summer – tips and solutions

In summer, the heat can quickly build up in our living spaces and cause uncomfortable temperatures. To create a pleasant indoor climate, it is important to ventilate properly. In this article, we show you how you can ventilate effectively and save energy during the warm season and introduce you to the right ventilation components from Lunos.

Why is proper ventilation important in summer?

Proper ventilation is essential to prevent mold growth, moisture problems and unpleasant odors. It also helps to improve indoor air quality and regulate temperatures in living spaces. In summer, this can be particularly challenging as the high outside temperatures make ventilation difficult.

Tips for correct ventilation in summer

Shock ventilation instead of continuous ventilation:
Shock ventilation is an effective method of quickly exchanging the air in a room and saving energy in the process. Open all windows wide for about 5-10 minutes and then close them again. This ensures a rapid exchange of air without unnecessarily raising the room temperature (in summer) or wasting unnecessary heating energy (in winter). Avoid continuous ventilation, as this increases energy consumption unnecessarily and heats up or cools down the home unnecessarily.

Ventilate during the cooler times of day in summer:
Ventilate preferably in the morning and evening when the temperatures outside are lower. This allows the cooler air into the house and the warm air out without additional heat entering.

Cross ventilation for effective air exchange:
Open windows and doors on opposite sides of your home to allow a draught. This ensures an effective exchange of air and cools the rooms quickly.

Use sun protection:
Close shutters or blinds during the day to reduce direct sunlight and prevent rooms from heating up.

Innovative solutions for optimum air exchange in summer

An important function to support optimum room air conditioning in summer is the so-called "summer ventilation". This is a function that makes it possible to simulate a so-called "summer bypass". All ventilators with heat recovery then have the option of drawing fresh air from outside into the home without heat transfer. In the summer months, for example, this function can be activated at night to cool the home with outside air. In this case, the reversing time is extended to one hour.

Monitoring (data logging) of the fan data during operation

When the fans are activated, additional data such as speeds, running conditions, power consumption and sensor data from the motor are recorded and analyzed. This information is used to control the fan and can also be used by experts to gain further insights. This makes it possible to find out whether the fan in question is being used efficiently and whether there are opportunities for optimization.

Improved indoor air quality through intelligent adaptation

Our ventilation control systems feature intelligent, sensor-based control. Depending on the type of sensors, room temperature, outdoor temperature, indoor and outdoor humidity, CO2 values and even odors can be detected and the necessary volume flows automatically determined. With presence detectors, light coupling or calendar functions and APP connection, the ventilation behaviour can be further optimized and adapted to the occupants' use.

Summer vs. winter operation: prevent overhumidification and mold growth

During operation, this prevents over-humidification of the home and thus avoids ventilation-related structural damage and mold. The fans regulate automatically and ensure optimum comfort by constantly adapting the ventilation to the room air humidity and room temperature.

In summer, increased ventilation is (usually) not advisable due to increased outside air humidity. If the control system detects increased indoor air humidity during this time, it attempts to remove the humidity by adjusting the ventilation levels. If this reduces the room humidity, the ventilation system is controlled according to the set humidity limit values. If the room humidity cannot be reduced, the control system switches the ventilation systems back to the configured output level.

Powerful integrated controls: Mini-computer for optimum ventilation control

The fans contain integrated controls that are very powerful. These controllers are similar to small computers in the ventilation units and are not only used to simply regulate the volume flow. The mini-computers continuously collect and evaluate measurement data from the environment and the fan. The system even analyzes the recorded sensor data when the fan is not in operation. In "sniffer mode", the fan is switched on briefly to obtain even more precise data for analysis. The air is not expelled from the room, but merely moved to ensure optimum data collection.

Our fans for correct ventilation in summer

Correct ventilation in summer makes a decisive contribution to a pleasant indoor climate and healthy living. You can achieve an efficient and energy-saving exchange of air through targeted shock ventilation, cross ventilation and the use of Lunos ventilation components, such as summer ventilation and summer setback with TAC control. Our high-quality and durable products are the ideal solution for ensuring optimum indoor air quality and a pleasant indoor climate. Ventilation units, such as the e², the ego and the Silvento ec, offer innovative solutions for optimum air exchange in summer and ensure comfortable and healthy living.

The e²:
A decentralized ventilation unit that offers a high degree of heat recovery and is ideal for detached houses and apartment buildings. Thanks to its intelligent control, the e² ensures a continuous and needs-based air exchange without you having to constantly open the windows. Find out more about the e² here.

The ego:
A decentralized ventilation unit with heat recovery, specially designed for use in bathrooms and kitchens. It enables efficient and quiet air exchange without compromising on energy efficiency. Find out more about the ego here.

The Silvento ec:
An energy-efficient extract air fan that can be used in combination with the other Lunos ventilation units. It ensures continuous exhaust air in bathrooms, kitchens and other damp rooms to effectively remove moisture and odors. Find out more about the Silvento ec here.

Lüftungskomponenten für den Keller:
Our ventilation components for basements are specially developed to ensure effective ventilation of basement rooms and prevent mold growth. They ensure sufficient air exchange, even in difficult rooms, and thus prevent moisture problems. Find out how to ventilate your cellar properly with our components here.

With these tips and solutions, you are ideally equipped to create a pleasant indoor climate in the summer months and save energy at the same time. By investing in our ventilation components, you benefit from innovative technologies that help to ventilate your home efficiently and comfortably.

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