How to take care of your ventilation units

To ensure that you can enjoy your ventilation units for a long time and that we can guarantee consistent quality, it is necessary to carry out simple service work on the ventilation units and the associated components from time to time.

Regular check (at least twice a year):

● Check the ventilation units for soiling
● Always ensure that the filters in the ventilation units are clean. The filters should be cleaned or changed regularly every three to nine months
● All accessible surfaces must be thoroughly wiped down and checked to ensure that the ventilation units are functioning properly
● Grilles, bonnets and façade integrations should be checked for visible soiling. Dirt can be carefully removed with a brush or sponge
● In the case of façade integrations, the weather protection grille should also be removed to check for dirt inside
● Regularly check that all functions of the ventilation unit are working properly. If not, contact specialised personnel


Please note:

Contamination can occur on and in the ventilation units from time to time and this can form a breeding ground for mould. Pollen, fine dust and other impurities accumulate on surfaces and can lead to visual impairments, mould growth and bad odours in damp conditions. All ventilation units must therefore be cleaned regularly, even if no dirt is visible. We therefore recommend our service booklet as support. All cleanings and filter changes can be noted here, recorded and, if necessary, simply handed over to a specialist. Download service booklet

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