Funding programs for ventilation systems

In order to achieve the defined environmental targets, the state has a great interest in making existing and new buildings more efficient from an energy point of view. This is why owners of existing buildings now benefit from a number of subsidy programs, which are also available for ventilation systems in particular. In this article, we explain who can apply for these subsidies and how much they are.


Which ventilation systems are eligible for state subsidies?

Of course, only ventilation systems that make a significant contribution to improving the energy efficiency of a house are eligible for funding. The following ventilation systems are therefore generally eligible for funding:

  • Central and decentralized ventilation systems
  • Compact appliances with air/air heat exchanger
  • Exhaust air heat pump with a heat recovery rate of at least 80 percent

Poor indoor air with high humidity is not only harmful to the health of the occupants, it also causes mold and structural damage to the building itself. It is often difficult to achieve optimum ventilation in a home simply by opening the windows. Ventilation systems, on the other hand, ensure a good indoor climate and also reduce energy costs. Instead of letting energy escape through open windows, ventilation systems are already being integrated as an integral part of many new buildings. They are also highly efficient as part of renovation projects.


The BEG subsidy for efficient buildings

One possible subsidy is the federal subsidy for efficient buildings, which has been awarded by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) since January 1, 2021. As part of the funding programme for ventilation systems, you can receive a grant of up to 20% for the replacement or modernization of an existing ventilation system and the installation of a new system. In addition, the installation of digital systems that help to optimize consumption is also eligible.

The following costs are eligible:

  • Installation of the system
  • Finishing work & Wall breakthroughs
  • Laying air ducts
  • Electrical connections & Panels
  • Plastering & painting work

A minimum investment volume of at least 2,000 euros is a prerequisite for funding. The eligible costs for energy-efficient residential buildings are capped at 60,000 euros for each residential unit. If the installation, replacement or modernization of the ventilation system is part of a refurbishment plan, you are entitled to an additional subsidy bonus of 5%.

Important: The application must be submitted together with the energy consultant

In order to apply for a grant for ventilation systems, the application must be submitted together with an energy efficiency expert. The specialist company may only be commissioned to carry out the measures after the application has been submitted.


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