Technical specificationsX
Silvento-Type V-ec or KL-ec 2)

5/EC-ZI, 5/EC-ZI 90
5/EC-FK, 5/EC-FK 90
5/EC-FK+, 5/EC-FK 90+

Volume flow (fine adjustable) 3) 4) 15/20/30/40/45/50/60/(90) m³/h
Sound power level LW 3) 5) 18/22/29/36/38/40/44/(52) dB(A)
Sound pressure level at 1 metre distance 10/14/21/28/30/32/36/(44) dB(A)
Sound pressure level at 3 metre distance 0/5/12/18/20/23/26/(34) dB(A)
Power consumption 3) 1,8 - 6,2 (14,5) W
Supply voltage 200 - 240 V AC 50/60 Hz
Control voltage 0 - 10 V
Protection class IPX5

The technical data always refer to finely adjusted volume flows in free-blowing condition (test arrangement with 1 m DN100 aluflex pipe with a 90° bend).

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The Silvento ec: Radial Clamp fan

Can be installed especially quickly

Exhaust air series

The Silvento ec is an extract air unit that works very efficiently. If you need the Silvento ec as a fan insert, read on here.

Special features

The Silvento ec clamp fan can be installed particularly quickly and easily. You determine the functions of the Silvento ec by selecting the various control boards. This makes it a true all-rounder and volume flows can be adjusted in the event of deviations from the set value.

The control of the Silvento ec is selected from seven different control boards:

  • Basic board:
    The Silvento ec has seven ventilation levels between 15 and 60 m³/h. They can also be combined with time delay, interval switching and switch-on delay.

  • Basic board 90:
    As described above, but with ventilation stages up to 90 m³/h.

  • Comfort board:
    In addition to the capabilities of the basic board, this is also equipped with a humidity and temperature sensor. A finer and more individual humidity control, which even controls the fan without permanent basic ventilation, has never been available before.

  • Comfort board 90:
    As described above, but with ventilation stages up to 90 m³/h.

  • Comfort+:
    In addition to the familiar switching, time and configuration options (e.g. switch coupling, time follow-up, interval or humidity sensors), the Comfort+ (pronounced Comfortplus) board now offers a brand new VOC sensor. In addition, an integrated humidity and temperature sensor system or CO2-equivalence control can be switched on and optionally available motion sensors or radio modules can be integrated.

  • Comfort 90+:
    As described above, but with ventilation stages up to 90 m³/h.

  • Cellar board:
    With the basement board, the Silvento ec ensures clean and hygienic ventilation of the basement area. Commissioning is carried out in conjunction with the circuit board type 5/EC-KE and the switch type 5/W2 FK. The fan permanently records the air humidity and forms an average value, which can be achieved by ventilation.

All modules can be combined with plug-on extension modules:

  • Motion detector module
    with a radar-supported motion detector makes switches unnecessary. All control techniques of the basic module are triggered via the motion detector.

  • Wireless module
    With the aid of these optional module the Silvento ec can be remote-controlled by radio from external controls, sensors or with radio switches without the need for additional wiring.


Installation in areas 1 and 2 in bathrooms and shower rooms in accordance with VDE 100 is permitted.


The Silvento ec has the general building authority approval Z-51.1-215 of the DIBt. Characteristic curve tested for 60 m³/h free-blowing.


To extend the range of functions and to use logging functions, the Silvento ec can be used with the diagnostic software. Due to its extremely low energy consumption, the Silvento ec is so efficient that it does not fall into the classification for the energy label and therefore must not be labelled at all.

Art.-no. 40078
Art.-no. 40079


Please note

The pressure-volume flow characteristic curves provided by LUNOS (factory-side volume flows as a function of the pressure build-up at the outlet) when dimensioning the volume flows as a function of the occurring back pressures. The volume flows listed are minimum volume flows that can be achieved under standard conditions (rho = 1.2 kg/m3), taking into account possible interference pressures of up to 60 Pascal (in accordance with DIN 18017-3).

Der Klemmlüfter Silvento ec kann besonders schnell und einfach installiert werden.

Information on the technical data

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