Installation Instructions


The KNX-LUNOS-CONTROL4 module enables the control of the decentralised ventilation units with heat recovery Series e2 and ego and the exhaust air fan RA 15-60 via the KNX bus. Up to 4 ventilation units can be operated with one module. Several modules can be networked with each other via the KNX bus to enable coordinated operation. The ventilation units can be directly controlled via the existing push-button inputs.

The module has an integrated KNX bus coupler and requires an additional voltage. It is located in a plastic housing which can be inserted into a standard flush-mounted box. The module can be controlled with the KNX display Touch-IT or directly with a series switch. Automatic control without switch via humidity or CO2 sensor is also possible. The protection class corresponds to IP20.

Art.-Nr. 39977

Technical specifications
  • Power supply of the fans from low voltage 24 .. 32 VDC
  • Operation of 2 pairs of fans (4 fans) with one module
  • Several modules cascadable (master/slave operation)
  • Control of the fan stages and directions as well as heat recovery
  • Manual setting of fan levels via push-button/switch inputs or KNX telegrams
  • Automatic filter change indicator upon reaching the change time
  • Adjustment of fan capacity and heat recovery according to the sizes:
    • Air humidity relative (indoors) to the moisture removal
    • Absolute humidity (indoors/outdoors) for cellar drying
    • Temperature (indoors) for building protection
    • Temperature (indoors/outdoors) to optimise heat recovery
    • Temperature (indoors/outdoors/setpoint) for heating/cooling support
    • CO2 concentration
  • The variables temperature (indoors/outdoors), humidity and CO2 concentration must be provided by other KNX components
  • Supply air operation to support separate exhaust air units
  • Exhaust air operation (in combination and individually)
  • Compensation of the line resistances (for long line lengths) possible

Operation in HVAC mode according to KNX standard operating modes:

  • Comfort mode (HVAC)
  • Standby operation (HVAC)
  • Night operation (HVAC)
  • Temperature protection operation (HVAC)
  • Intermittent ventilation (extended HVAC mode)
  • Sleep (Off) (extended HVAC mode)
  • Summer operation (switch object)
  • Night operation (switch object)

All HVAC operating modes are freely configurable in the expert settings.