Technical specificationsX
Unit voltage 12 V DC SELV, max. 12.6 V
Volume flow 3) 26 - 40 m³/h
Specific power consumption 3) 0.03 W/m³/h
Protection class IP22
Dimensions (Ø x L) 154 x 42 mm
Minimum round duct length 100 mm



Inner wall air vent ILD

Active overflow element for installation in interior walls

A brand new addition to the LUNOS portfolio is the inner wall air vent, or ILD for short. An ILD consists of an axial fan with sound insulation and two internal panels, each on the room side, with two separate filter holders.

The ILD is used if you have an interior room that must be ventilated via another room. So if there is no outside wall available in a living room, then one or more ILD can be used to create a coupling with other rooms and thus establish an active air connection.

For example, an e² ventilation system can be installed in a bedroom (= primary room) and an adjacent adjoining room (secondary room) can be ventilated by an ILD.

An ILD is therefore a supplementary fan for so-called cascaded ventilation in a living space.

The effective sound insulation of the ILD as well as the separate panels on the room side ensure the greatest possible acoustic separation of the rooms connected by ventilation.

Special features

The ILD is perfect for cascaded ventilation.


The ILD is installed in the internal wall between the primary and secondary room (similar to the installation of an e²) and connected to an existing or separately installed control system.

An existing control system (on which e² or other systems are already operated, for example) offers the connection advantage that the ILD in the secondary room delivers the same volume flows as the system in the primary room. With the e², there is thus a direct synchronisation of the volume flows and delivery directions and with other systems of the volume flows and an optimum room air supply is automatically achieved.

With separate controls, the volume flow rate and the direction of delivery in the secondary room can be controlled independently of the primary room, which means that the secondary room can be ventilated or deaerated independently of other unit settings.


ILD can be combined with all exhaust air systems, supply air elements (ALD), fans from the e² series, as well as ego, Nexxt and LUNOMAT. Synchronised delivery directions and volume flows can be created or independently controllable ILD systems can be formed.

Art.-no. 41188


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