The e²: With heat recovery

e² series

The e² is one of the smallest decentralised fans with heat recovery in domestic ventilation.

Special features

The e² is one of the quietest units in its class, making it perfect for use in living rooms and bedrooms. With only 0.09 W/m³/h converted power consumption, it is also unsurpassed in energy efficiency.

The e² is based on the principle of regenerative heat exchange. With the help of the modern manufacturing processes, we have succeeded in developing a compact heat accumulator made of a ceramic composite material that delivers a maximum heat supply efficiency of 96%. The combination with highly efficient ec motors and an intelligent control system has enabled LUNOS to develop one of the most economical fans.


The e² can be used in new buildings as well as in renovation projects. In new buildings, it is placed between the bricks with the help of a wall installation housing or retrofitted in a renovation project with the help of a 162 mm core drill hole. The wall only needs to be at least 300 mm thick. The wiring is done directly from the control unit, which is installed in a standard electronic box or in the sub-distribution. From there, only three wires are required, which are supplied with 12 V safety extra-low voltage.


The products of our e² series all have the option of summer ventilation.


The e² has received building authority approval from the DIBt.

Art.-Nr. 39993


Technical specifications
Volume flow 15 - 38 m³/h
Max. degree of heat provision 96 %
Heat supply level according to EN 13141-8 85 %
Max. standard sound level difference Dn,e,w 54 dB
Sound power level LW from 29 dB(A)
Power consumption 0.7 - 4 W
Minimum installation length 280 mm
Dimensions Ø 154 x 243 mm
Compatibility Energy efficiency class A


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