Residential ventilation

Residential ventilation can be roughly divided into two areas: one is controlled living space ventilation, such as ventilation via ventilation systems, and the other is uncontrolled living space ventilation. This includes manual ventilation by feel, but also leaky windows and doors.

Controlled residential ventilation via mechanical ventilation systems is also divided into two areas. With decentralised living space ventilation, several ventilation systems at different locations in the living space provide the desired ventilation. With centralised residential ventilation, all ventilation ducts converge at one unit and are controlled centrally from there.

With residential ventilation, the ventilation units can either only direct the stale air to the outside or only draw in fresh air from the outside. However, it is also possible to combine both modes of operation in one ventilation system. With these ventilation units, heat exchange usually takes place: The warm exhaust air gives off its heat to the colder fresh air as it flows past. In this way, the energy loss due to ventilation is limited and is significantly lower than the values for manual ventilation by opening windows.

LUNOS offers a variety of different ventilation systems for controlled residential ventilation. Use the e²60 for living rooms and bedrooms or the Silvento ec for bathrooms and toilets. Or combine both modes of operation with the ego model and get the best air quality with heat recovery.