Nexxt - The new variety in decentralised ventilation

The Nexxt is extremely energy efficient thanks to its very low power consumption. The ec-technology with high efficiency enables low power consumption.

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The integrated control ensures perfect interaction of the various components. Equipped with humidity-temperature sensors, the automatic control system ensures efficient ventilation with moisture protection even in the standard version. Optionally the Nexxt can be equipped with the FM-EO radio module for control and communication with other LUNOS components and for Smart Home integration. The heart of the Nexxt is the plug-in unit with heat exchanger, which is available in two versions:


The enthalpy heat exchanger achieves a heat recovery rate of up to 83 %. In addition, the mode of operation of the heat exchanger ensures that it is largely ice-free and provides comfort in the interior even with cold outside air.


The cost-efficient variant with cross-flow heat exchanger achieves a heat recovery rate of up to 80 %. Installation The Nexxt can be installed both under and on plaster. In the surface-mounted variant, the installation housing is given a stylish design frame and is therefore also visually impressive. The well-known 160 mm wall-tube is used for the external feed-through.

Optional: Electric flap closure

Opens or closes the wall duct automatically when the device is switched on or off.

Technical specifications
Properties Nexx-E Nexxt-K
Volume flow 15 - 110 m³/h 15 - 110 m³/h
Max. degree of heat provision 83 % 80 %
Heat provision level according to EN 13141-8 73 % 62 %
Max. standard sound level difference Dn,e,w 49 dB
Sound power level LW ab 20 dB(A)
Power consumption 22 W
Supply voltage 200 - 240 V | 50/60 Hz (115 V | 60 Hz on request)
Core hole 162 mm
Minimum installation length surface: 110 mm, flush: 280 mm
Depth for wall mounting 172 mm housing + 105 mm flap closure in panel feed-through
Dimensions of the device 480 mm x 480 mm x 170 mm
Size inner screen 510 mm x 510 mm x 66 mm
Size outer hood 235 mm x 205 mm x 72 mm
Energy efficiency class A
Protection class IP22