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LUNOtherm-S / LUNOtherm-S+

with a standard sound level difference of up to 75 dB

Facade element series

The LUNOtherm-S is a facade element with which the inflow opening disappears from the wall surface, thus enabling unrestricted facade design.

Special features

LUNOtherm-S has been optimised for very high sound insulation and is also easier to work with. The deflection of the air and thus also of the sound by a further 90° ensures the high sound insulation properties of the LUNOtherm-S. A significantly lower weight and an adaptable standard size also ensure better handling in logistics and on the construction site. The LUNOtherm-S is made of EPP material (expanded polypropylene). The advantages of this material are structural strength with very low weight, excellent sound absorption and outstanding thermal insulation. Furthermore, it is 100 % recyclable.


The facade element is installed as a final element in the insulation layer of the building. The air opening is then located in the window lintel, in the window reveal or under the window. It can be installed above, to the side, next to or below the window, so that it can also be combined with a roller shutter box without any problems.


New silencer 9/SD-LS: Together with the new silencer 9/SD-LS, the LUNOtherm-S now becomes the LUNOtherm-S+, which easily achieves values of up to 75 dB. Of course, the silencer can also be retrofitted in the LUNOtherm-S.


The LUNOtherm-S officially received its approval from the DIBt, German Institute for Building Technology, on 18 May 2020. This makes it only the second facade element ever on the market to receive this approval from DIBt. LUNOtherm A and B from LUNOS received the first approval in 2005.

Art.-no. 041 168