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The central unit from LUNOS: LUNOMAT

Passivhaus Zertifikat

Central unit

The LUNOMAT is a central ventilation unit for the aeration and deaeration of living spaces and facilities similar to living spaces, such as medical practices, schools and office spaces.

Special features

Equipped with two efficient ec centrifugal fans, extract and supply air can be delivered simultaneously with a constant volume flow of up to 125 m³/h at a pressure difference of up to 100 Pa.

The highly efficient enthalpy heat exchanger has an average heat recovery efficiency of 84% and can provide a pleasantly comfortable room climate due to its re-humidification property.


The ventilation unit can be mounted vertically on a wall or horizontally under a ceiling.


The LUNOMAT has the General Building Approval from the DIBt and has been certified by the Passive House Institute as a highly efficient ventilation unit with heat recovery.

Art.-no. 40149



Technical specifications


Volume flow 40 - 125 m³/h at 100 Pa
Heat supply level according to EN 13141-7 75 m³/h: 92 %
100 m³/h: 87 %
125 m³/h: 85 %
Heat supply level according to PHI 83 %
device sound at 100 m3/h 100 Pa 45 dB
Specific power consumption (SPI) at 50 Pa 0.3 W/(m³/h)
Max. Power consumption at 125 m³/h,100 Pa 52 W
Mains voltage 100 - 240 V | 50/60 Hz
External and internal leakage class A1
Dimensions (H x W x D) 805 x 555 x 190 mm
Energy efficiency class A
Installation options

New construction and renovation ceiling- and
wall mounting 4 x DN 125 mm outlets


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