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Exhaust air device ego with heat recovery


ego is equipped with highly efficient motors with the latest ec technology. In combination with flow-mechanically reworked and specially balanced fans, the well-known air noises have been virtually eliminated. This results in low measuring surface sound pressure levels. ... learn more

Environmentally friendly

With a very low power consumption, the ego is unsurpassed in energy efficiency and thus makes an active contribution to environmental protection and also saves money. The requirements of the current DIN 1946-6 for devices in efficiency class E are undercut many times over.


The ego works like the e² according to the well-known principle of regenerative heat exchange, which has been almost perfected by LUNOS. The novel ceramic with hexagonal honeycomb structure sits in the middle of the air flow of two ec motors with axial fan. By means of reversing and counter-rotating air flows, which are created by a targeted change in direction of the fans, the halves of the ceramic charge themselves with the heat energy of the room air or release it to the outside air supplied. This happens so efficiently that less than 15 % of the heating energy is lost through ventilation. Equally important are efficient filters. Allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief; with the optional pollen filters, pollen, dirt and suspended particles can no longer enter the home.


The ego is one of the smallest decentralised fans for domestic ventilation with heat recovery. With the help of the most modern manufacturing processes, it has been possible to develop a compact heat accumulator made of a ceramic composite material, which delivers a thermal efficiency of up to 87.7 %.


If a LUNOS exhaust air fan type AB 30/60 or RA 15-60 is already installed, it can be replaced by the ego with heat recovery.


The ego can be used in new buildings as well as in renovation projects. The ego is either placed between the bricks in a new building with the help of a wall installation housing or retrofitted e.g. in a renovation with the help of a 162 mm core drill hole. The wall has to be only at least 300 mm thick. The cabling is carried out directly from the control unit, which is installed in a standard electronic box or in the sub-distribution board. From there, only six wires are required, which are subjected to 12 V safety extra-low voltage.

Art.-Nr. 40112

Technical specifications


Volume flow 5 - 20 m³/h (heat recovery unit), 45 m³/h (exhaust air)
Max. degree of heat provision 92 %
Heat supply level according to EN 13141-8 91 %
Max. standard sound level difference Dn,e,w 46 dB
Sound power level LW from 28 dB(A)
Power consumption 1 - 4.9 W
Supply voltage 12 V DC SELV
Minimum installation length 300 mm
Screen 237 x 217 mm
slide-in unit Ø 154 x 300 mm
Energy efficiency class A
Protection class IP22