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outer wall air vents ALD-SV


The ALD (former ALD-R 160) is equipped for all purposes. Three volume flows can be set by means of a reduction orifice. Thus, different room sizes with different air requirements can be optimally and comfortably ventilated by the ALD. A staggered arrangement of multi-surface sound absorber modules has proven to be the most efficient variant. ... find out more

The ALD-SV - for high volume flows

The ALD-SV was newly developed by LUNOS. If high volume flows are required, the ALD-SV ensures an adequate supply of fresh air. The volume flow rate can be adjusted to up to 25 m³/h by means of the reduction orifice.

Comfort with outer wall air vents

The comfort in living spaces depends to a large extent on the positioning and condition of the outer wall air vents. The ALD is therefore equipped with wind pressure protection and a flow-optimised cover to allow draught-free, diffuse air inflow. Nevertheless, careful planning of the installation position is required. If the incoming air is heated as quickly as possible and outside the occupied zone, the risk of draughts is eliminated. Therefore, an optimal arrangement of the ALD in relation to the heating surfaces is necessary.

Art.-Nr. 40148

Technical specifications
Volume flow 1 2 Pa at 12,5 m³/h
Volume flow 2 4 Pa at 18 m³/h
Volume flow 3 8 Pa at 25 m³/h
Standard sound level difference Dn,W,open 65 dB at 500 mm wall thickness, 9/IBE, LUNOtherm-S
Standard sound level difference Dn,W,open 62 dB at 500 mm wall thickness, 9/IBE, 1/HWE
Standard sound level difference Dn,W,open 54 dB at 360 mm wall thickness, 9/IBE, 1/WE180
Minimum installation length 180 mm