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The soundproof optimised ALD-S

Highest possible sound insulation

The outer wall air vents for high sound insulation requirements consists of four star-shaped sound absorbers and two sound insulation rings. The ALD-S in combination with the outer hood offers the best possible sound insulation for your home. ... learn more


The ALD-S serves as a passive supply air element for living and sleeping rooms. In combination with the LUNOS exhaust air units, such as Silvento ec, a constant negative pressure is created by the base load operation in the bathroom and/or kitchen, which ensures that fresh air is transported into the house via the ALD-S - completely without disturbing noise from outside.

New flexible material

The new flexible material made of granules is a composition of technical foams which, due to the manufacturing process, achieve a high specific weight while maintaining high flexibility. As a result, sound insulation values can be achieved that were previously not possible in this way.


The insert is inserted into the wall-tube 9/R 160 (ø 160 mm). The electrical connection is not necessary because the ALD-S is a passive supply air element.

Please follow the installation instructions and have the ALD-S installed professionally.

Art.-Nr. 41133

Technical specifications
Volume flow 1 2 Pa at 7 m³/h
Volume flow 2 4 Pa at 10 m³/h
Volume flow 3 8 Pa at 15 m³/h
Standard sound level difference Dn,W,open 70 dB at 500 mm wall thickness, 9/IBE, LUNOtherm-S
Standard sound level difference Dn,W,open 64 dB at 500 mm wall thickness, 9/IBE, 1/HWE
Standard sound level difference Dn,W,open 55 dB at 360 mm wall thickness, 9/IBE, 1/WE180
Minimum installation length 180 mm