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Axial exhaust fan AB 30/60

Hybrid ventilation system with e² and AB 30/60

The optimal expansion of the e² series in classic exhaust air rooms such as bathrooms, WCs and kitchens. The AB 30/60 appears just like its "big brother" e²: Inner screen with filter as well as the outer grille are from the same product family and have the same dimensions. Due to the same design, the e² and AB 30/60 fans are predestined for hybrid ventilation, in which ventilation with heat recovery is combined with exhaust air technology in a cost-effective and energy-efficient manner. ... learn more

Modern engine technology

The ec-motor with built-in electronics allows direct connection to the mains supply without additional components. The volume flow can be selected between the two ventilation stages 30 and 60 m³/h and can be switched with a standard 2 rocker switch. The 230V connection cables can be connected directly to the fan without much effort. Necessary terminals as well as a splash-proof protective cover are included.

Lowest noise: Axial fans can show a different side

Best performance for the environment

With a converted power consumption of only 0.05-0.08 W/m³/h, the AB 30/60 is unsurpassed in energy efficiency, thus making an active contribution to environmental protection and also saving money.

Art.-Nr. 39995

Technical specifications
Volume flow 35/70 m³/h
Sound power level LW from 36 dB(A)
Power consumption 1.5/4.9 W
Supply voltage 100 - 240 V 50/60 Hz
Core hole Ø 162 mm
Minimum installation length 170 mm
Dimensions Ø 154 x 130 mm
Protection class IP44