Things to know about ventilation

Here we inform you on various topics all around the subject of ventilation.


Cascaded ventilation refers to the combination of living spaces that cannot be ventilated or deventilated independently of each other. ... read more

The time run-on mode ensures an extended running time of the fan after switching off or leaving the extract air room. ... read more

Contrary to the automatic humidity control and the odour detection, the CO2-guided automatic operation is carried out without averaging or background reference. ... read more

Fans equipped with the comfort board 5/EC-FK have an independent humidity control. ... read more

The fan permanently records the odour present (VOC) and forms a moving average. ... read more

Why is it necessary to ventilate and what is the best way to do it? ... read more

If you breathe in deeply and consciously, you can notice a difference between "usual room air" and "fresh air". But what exactly makes this difference? ... read more

Excessive humidity is essentially dependent on two factors: the amount of water in the air and the temperature. ... read more

Can you actively influence how much moisture is created in the home? ... read more

Condensation, i.e. visible and tangible moisture on building components, is always a warning sign and should not be ignored. ... read more

For one thing, humans themselves produce much more humidity than we think. But especially in a new building, the humidity can still come from other sources. ... read more