Ecodesign Directive

Regulations (EU) No. 1253/2014 and (EU) No. 1254/2014 require some ventilation equipment to be classified in energy efficiency classes. They range from A+ (best rating) to G and can be easily read off an energy label.

LUNOS guarantees compliance with all product declaration regulations. All products with heat recovery as well as those with a maximum power consumption of more than 30 watts belong to the ventilation units that are subject to the label.

The Silvento ec from LUNOS is so efficient that its maximum power consumption is 14.5 watts. It therefore does not fall under this requirement and must therefore expressly not be labelled.


Energy labels from LUNOS
Product data sheets from LUNOS
Disassembly of the products
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Exhibition equipment

For exhibition equipment the subsequent label obligation also applies. This means that from 01.01.2016, the label must also be applied retrospectively to already installed
exhibition equipment. Should you exhibit the above-mentioned devices from LUNOS and still require a label, please contact

Background information

The Directive on Energy Labelling 2010/30/EU, which was adopted in 2010 and replaced the old EU Framework Directive 92/75/EEC,
should make an important contribution to increasing energy efficiency in Europe. On this basis, regulations are issued for selected product groups,
which contain detailed, product-group-specific requirements and information on labelling.
The regulations apply directly in all EU member states.

For ventilation units from LUNOS, Regulation (EU) No 1253/2014 and (EU) No 1254/2014 apply. This EU regulation on minimum efficiency of
ventilation systems came into force on 26 November 2014. It was developed in the context of a number of other ecodesign directives,
which regulates the minimum energy efficiency of products. Planners and system builders should be aware of the regulation,
because it has a major influence on the technical design of ventilation equipment.