We operate sustainably

Our goal is a future worth living - we at LUNOS do our best to achieve this every day


Our products
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Our products are extremely energy-efficient and therefore make a major contribution to sustainability. Products with heat recovery save energy and therefore protect the environment. We are also extremely energy-efficient in the manufacture of our products. By producing purely in Germany at just two locations in Berlin and Brandenburg, we pool resources and streamline processes.

Our packaging
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Our packaging boxes are made from FSC-certified cardboard and therefore come from verified and sustainable forestry. Our green packaging materials are made from corn starch. And everything that was previously made of plastic is now made of organic films. These films can not only be composted in the laboratory under perfect conditions, but also normally at our customers' homes.

Our engagement
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Of course, we also support projects that make a sustainable contribution to climate and species protection. For example, the Green Forest Fund. This creates new, ecologically sustainable mixed forests and protected areas and thus preserves existing areas with old tree populations, which are converted into the primeval forests of tomorrow.

Our local presence
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We have a total of 17 agencies in Germany. And we are there for our customers worldwide with 36 agencies on five continents. In this way, we ensure that no long journeys are necessary for us to meet. And if we can't meet in person, we are also happy to use all the digital communication channels available to us.

Our company
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We use a photovoltaic system to generate our own green electricity for in-house production and the LUNOS vehicle fleet. This enables us to sustainably reduce our ecological footprint.

Our compatibility
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We pay attention to compatibility. This means that new products are compatible with their predecessors. This means they can be easily replaced, which of course also saves costs and resources.