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The development: the 160s modular system

The 160 tube, a well-known component for LUNOS clients, can take in a wide range of technology. Meanwhile there are five different ventilators which can operate in this tube. Suitable for redevelopment and new construction, the 160 series is now even more appealing. Each 160 fan consists of four optional components: insert, tube, inside panel and outside grille. You can select these in line with the specific requirements of your project. The various 160 fans can be efficiently combined when designing your rooms with the aid of the LUNOS Planning Tool in accordance with current standards such as EnEV and DIN 1946-6.

The new generation of fans: Silvento

Residential and traffic areas are moving ever closer together. However, we only have a good feeling when we are within ‘silent walls’. That is why the motors of the Silvento have been optimized, the geometry of the impellers supplied with air re-designed and improved based on experimental testing. This has resulted in one of the most silent fans in the world. All Silvento items convince by way of their minimal operating noise which is hardly audible, since the noise level is just 24 dB(A) at 30 m³/h (basic ventilation) and 35 dB(A) at 60 m³/h (regulated ventilation).

The 160s series for modernization and new buildings with LUNOtherm and LUNOtherm FS

Fan grilles on the outside wall are often considered as a disturbing element. By using the LUNOtherm facade element, the supply vent disappears from the wall surface. Further development of the LUNOtherm has made unrestricted facade design possible. For the first time, all benefits of the LUNOS 160 series of fans, such as high air throughput, draft-free operation, hygiene and noise protection can be combined with a facade without a disturbing ventilation grille.

Ventilation control systems from LUNOS

Intelligent building systems are used to improve the features if buildings in the fields of operating costs, safety and flexibility of use.

Accessories of LUNOS

You want a perfect integration of your ventilation components into your building project and/or you want to arrange it to your own tastes, then you’ll be comfortable with our choice of accessories.