Maximum sound insulation with LUNOS

Our sound insulation products simply leave disturbing noises outside.

Let only fresh air into your home - with our products, specially designed for maximum sound insulation:

ALD-S: For highest sound insulation requirements

The ALD-S is the first choice for particularly high sound insulation requirements, because in combination with the LUNOtherm-S it achieves values of up to 70 dB. The sound insulation elements, which consist of insulating materials of different densities, significantly reduce the sound input via the ventilation system. It is precisely this modular property of the new flexible multi-component foam that optimises the sound insulation properties of the ALDs over the entire frequency range. In addition, the geometry and staggered arrangement of the star-shaped sound absorbers ensure a more effective sound insulation.

Nexxt-S: The quietest device in its class

With the Nexxt-S LUNOS has once again revised the Nexxt and developed a decentralised ventilation unit with heat recovery, which has the characteristics of the Nexxt and is especially suitable for areas with particularly high sound insulation requirements. With 30 dB(A) (according to EN 13141-8) at 60 m³/h, the Nexxt-S is one of the quietest devices in its class. The heat transfer takes place via an enthalpy heat exchanger. As standard, the Nexxt-S is controlled by four humidity/temperature sensors. Both indoor and outdoor conditions are monitored and the ventilation stage is optimally adapted to the prevailing conditions. One Nexxt-S already provides sufficient air performance to intensively ventilate a large living area. In addition, its extraordinarily low self-noise level and excellent shielding against external noise make it ideally suited for use in rooms needing particular protection such as bedrooms and children's rooms.

LUNOtherm-S: The new façade element

The new facade element LUNOtherm-S has been optimised for significantly higher sound insulation and is even easier to process. The deflection of the air and thus also of the sound by a further 90° ensures the high sound insulation properties of the LUNOtherm-S. Its significantly lower weight and adaptable standard size also ensure better handling in logistics and on the construction site.

The LUNOtherm-S in combination with the ALD-S achieves a standard sound level difference of up to 70 dB..

Sound protection inner screen: The solution for increased sound insulation requirements

The sound protection inner screen further increases the standard sound level difference by up to 6 dB (depending on the ventilation component installed behind the sound-absorbing screen). It is particularly suitable for the e² series, the ALD and the ALD-S and additionally reduces the already low self-noise level of the ventilation unit.

Sound protection outer hoods: Additional sound insulation with the outer Hoods

The aluminium outer hoods are designed for both one-way and two-way ventilation. This means that in addition to the e² series and the ALDs, the ego and the Nexxt series can also be equipped with them.

Due to the additional sound insulation, the standard sound level difference can be further increased by up to 6 dB.

Your partner in sound insulation

As the market leader for decentralised heat recovery with almost 60 years of experience in the ventilation industry, we naturally know all the standards and guidelines and can therefore always be sure that the ventilation concept meets the current requirements. Furthermore, we specify our values with the possible and realistic air-flow volumes under clearly predetermined conditions (e.g. wall thickness). Our sound values are always documented by measurement protocols according to valid standards. In most cases, independent institutes have additionally been entrusted with the measurement and have issued corresponding certificates, which can be viewed on request.