Decentralised home ventilation

With decentralised home ventilation, each living space has its own ventilation system. Decentralised home ventilation is therefore very individual and flexible. However, it also requires more attention on the part of the residents, as the ventilation cannot be controlled via a central device.

Decentralised flat ventilation makes it possible to view and ventilate each room of the flat individually. Thus, the requirements for the fan in the bathroom may differ considerably from those in the guest room, which is rarely used. The fan in the bathroom must primarily transport humid air from the inside to the outside and thus have a high capacity here. The fresh air that it conveys from the outside to the inside should also be heated beforehand - a ventilation unit with supply and exhaust air functions as well as heat recovery would be a good choice here.

Decentralised home ventilation is also a good way to ensure optimal air quality at all times and to be able to react to changes in requirements at short notice. The guest room is only occupied three times a year? No problem. Simply set the ventilation unit to minimum operation and only change this shortly before the arrival of the visitor.