How to clean decentralised ventilation systems properly

A decentralised ventilation system removes pollutants and moisture from the indoor air and ensures a comfortable and healthy indoor climate. In order for the system to perform this task reliably in the long term, it must be cleaned correctly. In this article, you will learn what is important and which factors must be taken into account.


This is why regular cleaning of the ventilation is so important

If a ventilation system is not cleaned regularly, this leads to dirty filters and fans. This, in turn, can lead to a reduction in functionality and a risk to health and building fabric.

If the air volume flow in the rooms is too low, the stale air is only inadequately removed, which leads to an increase in the CO² concentration and air humidity. This can cause fatigue and headaches, among other things. Furthermore, insufficient air exchange bears the risk of mould growth, which in turn can promote health consequences such as allergies. This is especially risky because mould growth sometimes goes unnoticed for long periods of time. To prevent this, it is important that the ventilation system functions optimally. Regular cleaning is of correspondingly great importance.


How to clean the system properly

Cleaning a decentralised ventilation system is done in three steps.

1st step: Remove the cover from the inner screen

At the beginning of the cleaning process, the cover of the inner screen must be removed and wiped with a wet cloth. Cleaning agents containing sand or acid should not be used, as they could leave scratches on the sensitive material. Cleaning once a month is recommended.

2nd step: Cleaning the filter

The next step is to clean the filter. First remove the filter from the base plate. Then it depends on whether it is a dust filter, a fine filter, a pollen filter or an activated carbon filter. Dust filters can be washed out several times. Fine, pollen and activated charcoal filters, on the other hand, are disposable filters that can easily be disposed of with household waste and replaced with new filters.

It is recommended to replace the fine dust and pollen filter monthly, to clean the dust filter quarterly and to replace the activated carbon filter every six months.

3rd step: Cleaning the outer closure

There are differences in the way the outer closure is cleaned, depending on the design. Sometimes it is sufficient to wipe off the cover and clean the protective grille between the slats. With other units, the reveal grille must be removed first. Detailed information is available from the manufacturer. Cleaning the outer cover is sufficient once a year.

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