What is cascaded ventilation and how does it work?

Cascaded ventilation refers to the combination of living spaces that cannot be ventilated or deventilated independently of each other.

The directly ventilated and exhausted room (with installed ventilation system) is called the primary room and the cascaded ventilated room (without directly installed ventilation system) is called the secondary room. In our example, the bedroom with e² is the primary room and the adjacent adjoining room is the secondary room.

Ventilation cascadable rooms:

Only rooms of the same or similar type of use should be connected. Air flows from the primary to the secondary room and should therefore not come from bathrooms, WCs, kitchens or utility rooms to prevent odour transfer.

For example, bedrooms can easily be connected to children's rooms in a cascaded ventilation system, and living rooms can be connected to studies or storage rooms.

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