What is the VOC sensor and how does it work?

A VOC sensor (Volatile Organic Compound Sensor) is a device designed to detect and measure volatile organic compounds and odours (VOCs) in the ambient air. VOCs are organic chemicals that evaporate easily and release odours into the air. They come from a variety of sources, including industrial processes, automotive exhaust, paints, solvents, cleaning agents, furniture and many other everyday products.

The fan permanently records the odour present (VOC) and forms a moving average. This forms the background reference. Only an increase of at least 20% above the reference value leads to activation of the demand ventilation stage with activated VOC control. This prevents a permanently present room odour, for example, from leading to permanent ventilation. Odour peaks are effectively detected and removed. Approximately 5 minutes after an odour peak has been detected and removed, the fan is automatically lowered back to the basic ventilation level. The Silvento ec from LUNOS with VOC board is particularly suitable as an exhaust air system in the bathroom.

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