Technical specificationsX

5/SC-RF: With integrated wireless module

In addition to the proven functions such as humidity and frost protection, the Smart Comfort RF also has a wireless module.

This wireless module replaces the wiring to the units. Configured as a master, up to ten slave units can be taught-in and operated by the master. Perfectly suited for the control system of the e² series in conjunction with the wireless screen 9/IBF-RF.

Special feature

Bidirectional and encrypted communication in the frequency range of 868 MHz.


The UNI-EO wireless module specially developed by LUNOS can be fitted as an option and then, in addition to the usual high quality standards and excellent connection, also offers simple operation via common Smart Home systems.

Humidity-controlled automatic operation

Thanks to the integrated humidity and temperature sensors, the Smart Comfort RF also offers humidity-controlled automatic operation. This can be adjusted to your own requirements via eight levels.


For operation of the Smart Comfort RF, which consists of a control element plus control unit, a power supply unit (with 18, 60 or 100 watts) is also required.


Art. no. 41197