9/IBK-H + 9/IBG-H: Hygiene screens

For particularly high hygiene requirements

LUNOS has extended the well-known Comfort inner screens with the addition of F7 filters.

In the IBG-H glass orifice plates and the IBK-H plastic orifice plates F7 filters are used as standard. F7 filters are special pollen and fine dust filters that simply leave annoying particles outside. Not only allergy sufferers can breathe a sigh of relief with these filters.

Dimensions IBK-H

(H x W x D): 191 mm x 180 mm x 77 mm

Dimensions IBG-H

(H x W x D): 197 mm x 185 mm x 83 mm


Art.-no.  IBK-H - 40 179
Art.-no.  IBG-H - 40 180

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