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Technical specificationsX

5/GS: Ventilate with just one gesture

The gesture control combines exceptional operability with intelligent sensor technology


The gesture control is equipped with the standards familiar from LUNOS, such as humidity/temperature control, frost protection and automatic operation, as well as various comfort functions.

Special feature

The gesture control has a contact-sensitive touch field, which can also be activated by different gestures - contactless. Under the touch unit there are 60 RGB LEDs, which can shine in different colours. These LEDs provide feedback during operation and signal activated functions and states in an easily understandable way.

Two control paths

Universal controls, Nexxt and/or Silvento ec devices can be optionally connected to the two outputs of the gesture control (an infinite number of controls can be connected in parallel). These two control paths or channels can be controlled separately. Thus, two different types of fans can be connected via the gesture control, such as four e² or one Nexxt in the living rooms and two ego or two Silvento ec in the bathroom and kitchen. This means that the entire ventilation system of a residential unit can be operated via one control unit..

Sensor technology

The integrated humidity/temperature sensors behind the touch unit and in the connected universal controllers allow for optimal automatic control adapted to the locally varying room air conditions. An integrated brightness and twilight sensor enables completely new controls of the connected ventilation units.

Diagnostic Software from LUNOS

The Diagnostic Software from LUNOS can be connected to the Gesture Control. You can find out about the advantages here.

Art.-no. 40092