Diagnostic software by LUNOS

for Silvento ec, Nexxt, TAC and Gesture Control

Service, maintenance and diagnosis

Fast and flexible adaptation of the fans on site to the planning/design and individual requirements.

For this purpose, most LUNOS controllers and devices have a diagnostic interface that provides limited access to the firmware and allows extended configuration and calibration via LUNOS' own software.

The operating data of the fan can also be read out via the same interface. This allows you to perform comprehensive diagnostics and problem solving on site. With an existing Internet connection it is also possible to analyse the data remotely together with the LUNOS customer support team.

Fine adjustment possible via service interface.

Diagnostic tool based on the specifications of DIN 1946-6

  • Advanced configuration and calibration
  • Operating data acquisition and analysis
  • Operating hours, motor running time, filter life, sensor data, and switching operations, control priorities, activated ventilation stages, occurring back pressures
  • If an Internet connection is available, analyse data remotely together with our customer support team
  • Fine-tuning for special designs
  • Damage analysis through runtime tests
  • Online connection by service staff
  • Data logging for connection and running times of the fans
  • Display of operating parameters such as switching states of external switches or remote controls, volume flows, speeds or pressures in lines


The Service and Maintenance Kit (SW Kit) can be used for the Silvento ec and the Nexxt, the TAC and the Gesture Control.