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5/BM: Motion detector for Silvento ec


The motion detectors of the 5/BM series are designed for use in the exhaust fan type Silvento ec and function only in combination with a control board and a fan. Operation without a corresponding fan is not possible.

The motion detectors work on a radar basis and can thus detect the smallest movements in the room. They are invisible to the user and hidden behind the design panel of the fan.

The radar radiation used is of course completely harmless and has a very low radiation intensity.

The detection range is optimized for a radius of three meters and a detection angle of 120° in front of the installed ventilation unit. At greater distances, stronger movements may be required or the fan may need to be positioned differently if this area is to be detected as well.

Glass partitions, shower stalls and thin doors can be penetrated by the radar beams and motion detection is also possible here. However, the detection range can then be limited depending on the material, material thickness and structure.

Detection sensitivity can be increased (faster detection) or decreased (more motion required) in several stages.

The motion detector triggers the set demand ventilation stage of the fan. A run time after motion detection of one minute is preset at the factory. This run time can be extended by setting the control board (overrun time) if required.

Motion detection (user presence detection) can be used in addition to manual or sensor-guided function, or as a stand-alone fan control (without additional switch or sensor). According to DIN 1946-6, this control variant is a demand-led fan control.


To install the motion detector, the control board must be removed from the grille cover frame. To do this, loosen the fastening screw. The motion detector is plugged into the control board and plugged back into the grille cover frame. The motion detector is then snapped into the positioning bars and screwed back into the grille cover frame.

Art.-no. 40082