The Silvento ec for bathroom and WC

As the successor to the Silvento AC, the Silvento ec has been available on the market since 2016. To date, it has been sold 500,000 times worldwide, which makes it the best-selling exhaust fan according to DIN18017-3 with ec technology.

Like all LUNOS products, the Silvento ec is continuously improved and developed. During the most recent optimisation, it has been shown that the sound insulation in the housing has become superfluous. The latest measurements have shown that the Silvento ec already achieves very good sound values on its own and now draws the air out of the room even better and more efficiently. The omission of sound insulation also saves resources, which in turn benefits the environment and also makes installation easier for the installer.

At the same time, the developers at LUNOS have come up with a new circuit board. The Komfort+ (pronounced comfort plus) convinces everyone: the built-in electronic nose detects odours and ventilates automatically when necessary. This has never been done before! A VOC sensor (VOC = volatile organic compounds) detects odours, but also chemicals such as formaldehyde, cleaning agents or solvents in the air. The fan then starts and ventilates the bathroom/WC or cooking areas until no more odours are detected in the room air. Of course, LUNOS has set up different threshold values so that the user can set his personal comfort zone. In addition, further sensors, such as an integrated humidity and temperature sensor or a CO2-equivalence control can be switched on, and optionally available motion sensors or radio modules can be integrated.

More Information about the Comfort+.

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