Ventilation in schools

LUNOS provides fresh air in schools and kindergartens

If we didn't know it before, we have known it since this year at the latest: fresh air is more important than ever. But the supply of fresh air cannot always be controlled via the windows alone. In addition to the loss of heat in winter, the high noise pollution, especially along busy roads, construction sites or flight paths, keeps people from ventilating sufficiently. This also applies to schools and kindergartens.
This is exactly where the ventilation units from LUNOS come into play. For more than 60 years, they have been guaranteeing demand-led air flow throughout the entire living area and are now also available for schools and kindergartens. Because where many children are close together in one room, regular air exchange is particularly important for a pleasant, fresh and healthy indoor climate.
The LUNOMAT and the Nexxt from LUNOS fulfil this task impeccably. Both models have pressure-resistant and highly efficient ec-Radial motors for volume flows of up to 125 m³/h and are therefore perfectly suited for large rooms.
The LUNOMAT is the first central unit from LUNOS and the performance professional for fresh air supply. Thanks to exchangeable filters of classes F7 and F9, the LUNOMAT can be adapted to a wide range of requirements and meets the highest hygiene standards. And the Nexxt is also impressive: As a decentralised ventilation system, it is extremely energy-efficient thanks to its very low power consumption and is therefore highly recommended.

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