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In our daily lives, we all take care not to hurt ourselves, to eat healthily, to separate waste correctly, to brush our teeth regularly, to wash and shower and also to keep our homes clean. What we often forget: Not only drinks and food are nourishment. The food we constantly consume, which is much more important than anything else, is air.

Air exchange today
Modern buildings are much more airtight than they were a few years ago. Air exchange can now only take place via open windows or a mechanical ventilation system. If the windows are closed, the pollutant and moisture content in the air quickly increases and mould and other health problems can occur. However, windows cannot always be opened. Be it burglary protection during absence, energy loss in winter or sound insulation at night. There are many reasons why windows cannot always be opened, although it would actually be necessary.

Since 1959, LUNOS has therefore been manufacturing ventilation systems that provide us with fresh air in our homes, workplaces, kindergartens or schools, restaurants or hotels, gyms or assembly halls all over the world. We know a lot about fresh air and would like to give you a few useful tips on how to handle the foodstuff air correctly, how to ventilate correctly and how a ventilation system can support you in your goal of optimal indoor air quality.

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