Come into LUNOS living

With LUNOS you can now also experience fresh air virtually. In LUNOS living, our ventilation systems, which have been tried and tested in countless areas of application, are now waiting to be discovered and examined from your home screen.
See if anyone is at home by briefly knocking on the door with the mouse. Please enter! Inside, you enter directly into the ventilation world of LUNOS. Test the virtual living experience in LUNOS living - whether centralised or decentralised, with or without heat recovery, a familiar LUNOS favourite or an innovative newcomer, with the LUNOS family you can get to know all available ventilation systems (almost) up close. Our 3D models give you revealing insights into their diverse components, without any fear of contact. From the available apertures to the variety of controls, from the filters to the radio technology, you can explore every detail at your own pace - the ventilation systems, at any rate, have brought plenty of time with them.

LUNOS living

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