The combined/hybrid system from LUNOS


In residential ventilation and decentralised home ventilation, there are different types of systems, all of which are based on a demand-oriented flow through the entire living area.

The decentralised ventilation systems from LUNOS can be divided into three different systems.

03 Combined system

In combined systems, at least two different types of ventilation are used together. Combinations of extract air units and fans with heat recovery are particularly effective: While the living rooms have constant fresh air without heat loss thanks to heat recovery units, classic extract air rooms such as bathrooms, WCs, kitchens or HWRs can be ventilated cost­efficiently as needed. In windowless bathrooms and toilets, such an exhaust air unit is even mandatory according to DIN 18017-3.


Examples of LUNOS products

  • Serie e²
  • Nexxt
  • Silvento ec
  • RA 15-60

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Video about the systems from LUNOS

Video Systeme LUNOS


Please note:

Which ventilation system is the right one depends on the individual requirements of the project and the habits of the occupants.

Watch our video explaining the individual systems and take a look around the virtual home of LUNOS. Here you can get close to our ventilation units.