Webinar: Selecting the right ventilation system

This webinar is about which is the right ventilation system for my specific requirements.

Modern ventilation systems consist of a wide variety of components and can fulfill different requirements room by room. The sum of the requirements must be recognized, information must be provided and the right system or the right components must be selected based on certain criteria. This seminar is recognized with two continuing education points in accordance with § 6 of the continuing education statutes of the Lower Saxony Chamber of Engineers.

Mr. Merscher, our Technical Manager, will go through the following topics with you together with Dr. Daniel Scherz, the expert and speaker on sustainability in the building and energy sector:

  • Recognizing the requirements of the customer's premises and putting together the optimum components for the ventilation system using the information provided
  • Working out the necessary questions, background information and tips for the optimum selection of components

The aim is to offer the user the right ventilation system for their individual requirements.

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